Kitchen Concepts

The Problem

Kitchen Concepts – They had been utilizing traditional marketing which was not generating the traction that they had been seeing over the past few years and were seeing a steady decline in qualified leads being generated. They were looking for a complete digital transformation of their online presence in order to maximize their brand awareness and drive quality traffic & leads to their design team.

Kitchen Concepts drive quality traffic & leads

The Solution

TOPS worked closely with KC in order to revitalize their website with strong messaging about their service differentiation and design expertise. We also worked in combination with them in order to put together an extensive form fill that would eliminate ‘tire kickers’ while giving the design team an inside view into the prospects lifestyle and design choices. TOPS helped to put together a digital blueprint that would focus on strengthening their content strategy on Facebook and Instagram as well as a paid search strategy to help convert those with the highest intent to buy.

The Results

The TOPS team additionally reworked the digital & social marketing messaging with more engaging content, enhanced their search strategy and incorporated programmatic tactics including geofencing competitive locations. These strategies have attributed to 9-10 leads per month for their sales/design team.